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Trying to see where my order at

I ordered a tent from them and it never showed up at my doorstep I will never order from them again just a bad experience
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User's recommendation: I will not be ordering from y’all anymore I ordered a tent and it never showed up at my doorstep

Larissafaith V

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| map-marker Whittier, California

Resolved: I have a store complaint about very mean and rude owner store location in city of whittier

Updated by user Sep 28, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology. I would like the mean owner you guys talked to him about the incident how he treated me and owe me an apology.

Original review Sep 28, 2023
Hi there my name is Larissa Vargas I had a bad store experience with the owner name edger Fagen on September 26,2023 at 9:50am at the location 13301 whittier blvd. whittier 90602.I was mistreated and discriminated and harassed by him he told me to leave the store for no reason he was discriminating me cuz i was dressed homeless and asking a customer for a dollar cuz i was short on money buying a coca cola bottle drink . I told him what is the reason why are you kicking me out the store he told me he doesn't need to tell me the reason why. he told me get out my store I asked for he's name he refused to give me he's name he was very rude towards me and he's a mean owner discriminating homeless people and told me to get out my store and he said don't ever come back to my store again he made me feel bad about myself I didn't do nothing wrong at all he was discriminating me and was mistreating being very rude and mean to me for no apparent reason
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  • I liked the store cleaness
  • Owner edger fagen was very disrespectful and rude to me
  • Disrespectful

Preferred solution: Apology


If you were pestering customers for money, you definitely needed to be removed from the store. People do NOT appreciate being hassled for money; it makes them not even want to shop at that particular store.


I would like you guys to contact on my email or called me let me know if you resolved tbe issue

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Bernardine H Lzt

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| map-marker Twentynine Palms, California

Extremely rude customer service/Manager in the 29 Palms Location

Grocery Outlet - Extremely rude customer service/Manager in the 29 Palms Location
Updated by user Sep 26, 2023

Hello to the Pissed Consumer Team, First I would like to thank you again for the efforts you have put forth. Now to your question(s).

No my issue was not solved literally, but time does heal all wounds. I'm going to marked it up as a terrible experience and move on....

Original review Aug 24, 2023
Went in for a usual product. Found what I was looking for a certain price. Actually a competitive price and then when I arrived home, I found that I was charged almost twice the amount that was posted on the sign. So I went back, like I don't have other things to do, and brought the situation up to the manager, or at least she claimed to be the manager. She became extremely rude and stormed off. So then at the register, she was again extremely rude and only fixed the price on one of the items. Saying if sign is wrong, oh well, you only get one of the items at that price. Also saying you are lucky you are getting the one at that price. Sure we are only talking about a couple of bucks, but the rudeness was astounding! I have NEVER been treated so badly in any establishment!! 29 Palms California is a small community. I've lived here all my life. Everyone knows everyone, and I will be sure to voice my experience with all that I know! Hopefully no one else will such a terrible experience.
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  • Decent products and prices
  • Extremely rude manager

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Go across the street to Stater Bros. They are much nicer and honor their posted prices right or wrong. The customer is always right in Stater Bros.

Vincent T Jvj

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| map-marker Santa Rosa, California

Resolved: Why am I being ignored?

Updated by user Jul 31, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology. It was a bit of a non-apology and was the manager was still trying to act like I was in the wrong, but it was an apology nonetheless. No doubt it was just a formality that somebody higher up told him to do.

Original review Jul 29, 2023
I was discriminated against by one of your store managers 4 days ago and I haven't gotten a single reply to my calls and messages. To reiterate, the manager of the Santa Rosa grocery outlet wrongfully banned me from the store when I did absolutely nothing wrong. Some miserable cranky old woman suddenly stopped in front of me and screamed that I hit her even though I was at least foot away. She proceeded to cause a scene in the store and started screaming and swearing and calling me terrible names. I tried to get away from her and a minute later the manager told me I had to leave because I was being rude and causing problems, even though SHE was the one causing a scene by screaming and swearing inside the store. I told him to check the cameras and he flat out refused and told me to get out. I've never been treated with such disrespect and it's extremely racist that the white manager immediately took the side of the crying white woman and banned the large brown man who did absolutely nothing wrong.. I demand compensation and a formal apology for how I was treated by your employees..
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Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Do not give grocery outlet your business


Also demanding things is rude. You are banned and ignored because of your lack of manners, not because you have brown skin.


The reason you are being ignored is because you are claiming "discrimination" without proof. It is NOTHING racial.

GROW UP. They should sue you for making this claim. You are obviously ashamed of your culture. It has NOTHING to do with your being "brown" That is all in your head.

Face it, you are ashamed of having brown skin. Also you are not entitled to compensation GET A JOB AND EARN YOUR MONEY.

@Tashima Fkj

Look I accidentally hit her. It was an accident and the only reason I yelled back was because she was making a big deal.

Other customers said that I hit her on purpose. I did not. I admit I was in a hurry and told her to hurry up and if she could not move fast that she should have someone else shop for her. A child or grandchild..

I was not trying to hit her. SInce she was not moving fast and in my way I tried to scare her, when she stepped in front of me, and I accidentally hit her. I was only one foot away from her when she moved that one foot. I admit I was wrong for pretending to hit her, but if she had not got in my way this would not have happened.

IT was an accident. She is a white older woman. I am young brown man, so it has everything to do with the color of my skin.

I want compensation $120,000 for mental damage, and I want that lady banned from shopping. She is slow and I was in a hurry.


You don't know anything about what happened and you weren't there. They flat out refused to listen to a word I had to say and refused to even see what actually happened.

I did absolutely nothing wrong except try to stand up for myself.

It's extremely infantile of you to say things like "grow up and get a job" when you obviously have zero idea what my career even is. You're just an angry loser on the internet getting worked up over a stranger expressing their outrage at being mistreated.

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map-marker Los Angeles, California

Wrong advertising . There was more then two items on top of price and they said a wa